Conveyor Belt Solutions in your Warehouse

Conveyor and parcel handling solution

Conveyor Belt Solutions In Your Warehouse

Creating a detailed brief to ensure installation satisfaction

When you are in need of a new conveyor system for your warehouse or workplace, an initial understanding of the installation is needed. Therefore, the key to success of a project can be the creation of a good brief. In other words, the more detailed a brief that is created, the better we can understand exactly what it is you are looking for from your installation. Once we have received an in-depth brief from the customer, the LAC team can work on how to best fulfil your conveyor needs.

What do you need to consider including in your brief?

  • The weight of the product you are moving.
  • The dimensions of the product.
  • The size of the available floor space for the system.
  • CAD drawing or drawing of the floor space.
  • The height of the building where the system will be installed. This is key to understand as space in this modern world is valuable. There may be an opportunity to build upwards relieving lower space for other operations.
  • The required cycle time/system throughput.
  • Is the system fully automated? Are certain areas required to be left for manual interaction/non driven sections.
  • The material and load capacity of the flooring where the system will be sited.

Conveyor and Sortation System

The benefits of installing a Conveyor System

In fully understanding your brief, LAC are equipped with a variety of conveyor solutions to best fit your business needs. Likewise, with a range of solutions, plus extensive industry knowledge and experience, our aim is to put the perfect system together for you. With the end-goal of helping your business in the journey of hassle-free operations, time, and cost saving.

Conveyors are used in almost every industry where materials need to be moved including recycling centres, food, ecommerce, and automotive. They can be used in every industry which has a process requiring the movement of items/materials at regular intervals.

The primary advantage of conveyor systems is that they automate a lot of human operations that are associated with the manufacturing and transportation of materials. This includes operations like feeding, moving, loading, and unloading of materials. If your business has any of these requirements, then a conveyor solution is the right investment to be made.Hygienic Conveyors

The different types of Conveyors that LAC can provide

At LAC, we can offer a wide variety of conveyor solutions to fit your bespoke needs. Consequently, whatever the size or complexity of the brief is, we can provide an extensive range of solutions to meet your wants and needs. Below are some of the conveyor systems which we can offer you:

  • Tote & Carton Handling – will improve efficiencies, productivity and health and safety in your warehouse or facility. In addition, providing tote & carton conveying systems and integrated solutions to a diverse customer base including warehouse, distribution, logistics and factory production lines.
  • Parcel Handling – the complete range of equipment to handle all postal & parcel items (from mail to parcel and from totes to flatpacks). Our solutions offer high end sortation with throughputs exceeding 6,000 parcels per hour to low end sortation for out of gauge parcel handling, offering lower throughputs but capacity to handle heavy & large items (not normally conveyable).
  • Sortation – required at various points in intralogistics, such as in the goods receiving, picking, and shipping areas utilising our horizontal and vertical cross belt sorters, with systems further enhanced with our storage and sequencing capabilities via mobile robots or shuttle sortation systems.
  • Pallet Handling – simplistic, rugged designs can be easily customised to suit the unit load to be conveyed. Thus, ideal for transporting pallets, containers, drums, and special fixtures.
  • Hygienic Conveyors – widely used throughout all sectors of the food industry including meat, poultry, salads, ready meals, and baked foods.


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