Converger Conveyors

Here at L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation, we supply a range of stainless-steel converger conveyors for the movement of fresh produce in the food industry.

What is a converger conveyor?

Converger conveyors are used to help maximise production throughputs by merging two or more lanes of product into one conveyor. These types of conveyors are extremely useful tools for delivering product to machines such as pack-sealers, lidding machines, check-weighing, labelling machines, robotic pick and place cells, or final packing operations. When put into part of a wider conveyor system, the benefits become evident with reductions in time of production.

Why a L.A.C. converger conveyor?

Designed by our own in-house team of design engineers, we can accommodate your converger conveyor system production line requirements and make the systems to the highest hygienic industry standards. The converger conveyors are built from stainless steel and fully welded by our qualified fabricator/fitters and equipped with high-quality food-grade belts.

Belt replacement is an easy task to perform, as they all utilise a quick-change release mechanism for procedures such as deep-clean, either in-situ or off the production line. All our food grade converger conveyors can withstand full washdown procedures which might use even the most caustic of substances.

We’ve included converger conveyors as part of complete conveyor and automation systems across various industries such as the converger solution for ready meal producer in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Having the world’s leading quality management system in place, our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation helps ensure that we will meet our customers’ requirements and expectations in full.

We have an enviable reputation of being able to develop solutions that are both cost-effective and fit for purpose. Working across the food industry, manufacturing and automation sectors, we now have a team of over 100 highly skilled design engineers and welder/fabricators who are based at our 55 thousand square feet production premises in Nottingham.

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