Working in collaboration with FSG Tool & Die, L.A.C. produced a bespoke interior trim punching machine for a major Tier 1 automotive supplier. Delivering a clean, precise cut that does not mark and guarantees a repeatable performance.

interior trim punching machine


Motor vehicle manufacturers constantly refine and develop their product range this produces a requirement for suppliers to be able to develop solutions for alterations to part specifications.

The customer is a global Tier 1 automotive interiors supplier with a reputation for efficiency, versatility, responsiveness and quality control who provide everything from instrument panels, consoles, door systems, headliners and overhead systems for all types of vehicles both budget and luxury cars through to all types of commercial vehicles.

L.A.C. was approached to help them with a part that required modifying for an enhancement to a luxury end marque passenger vehicle.


A luxury car interiors new layout needed improved airflow through the cabin to ensure maximum passenger comfort. To help achieve this an existing part needed an additional opening through two parts of plastic trim at the D pillar of the cabin which would allow for better airflow and provide a link to the fan of an MHEV battery.


The part that required the extra opening has a complex geometry and is made of plastic which can be easily marked if not treated correctly. The part was made of two elements, one passenger facing and the other attached to the D pillar and are clipped together.

Working closely with FSG Tool & Die Company who are specialists in toolmaking services a hardened punch and die tooling machine was developed that would provide a clean, precise cut with aluminium CAD cut support tooling used to securely hold parts and the action is repeatable. To ensure that the cabin facing side of the part was not marked upper nylon pressure pads have been incorporated for the contact point with the “A “surface. Actuation of the Danly Tooling set is achieved through Servo control offering exact positioning and control.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors have been used to ensure that the part is seated correctly with more sensors and limit switches to stop the punch over-driving.

The end tool crucially provides a one action cut keeping the activity as simple as possible.

Waste material from the cut is deposited into a bin for later removal.

L.A.C. designed all the controls and built the control panel.

Electrical control panel

The tooling delivers

  • Ensures correct force is applied
  • Stable framework to withstand applied forces
  • Versatile to cope with the customers range
  • Efficient part loading ensuring maximum productivity
  • Meet customer tolerances and quality control
  • Servo controlled punching technology
  • In-house controls system

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