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L-A-C Conveyors Design and Build Bespoke Indexed Chain Conveyor

Read how L-A-C were able to design and build a bespoke indexed chain conveyor and what solutions the chain conveyor provided for the client

Chain Conveyor Requirement

L-A-C Logistics Automation supply a vast range of standard conveyor types but also have a reputation for providing bespoke solutions as well. In this case, L-A-C were tasked with designing and building a bespoke indexed chain conveyor for a company that provides solutions to suit a wide range of construction and manufacturing applications.


What conveyor was needed?


The client needed a solution that allowed for a system to be introduced into a production line that would help create a buffer zone during a production process of intricate steel profile forming. The conveyor had to be designed in a modular format so that it could be transported and built in an area that was difficult to access.




Provide a conveying and buffering system that allowed for varying lengths of a part formed steel profiles to be buffered and indexed up to the next stage of the production line where a robot picked the profile up for the subsequent forming process.




Stillages of a part formed steel profiles varying in length up to 5m are delivered to the chain conveyor. An operator slides the profiles one at a time onto the chain conveyor. To ensure correct delivery of the profiles, angled plates made from 5mm thick stainless steel have been incorporated into the chain section of the conveyor to ensure the profiles are delivered and held accurately.


Indexed Chain Conveyor


The chain conveyor system indexes the profiles along in a cassette-style system towards the next stage of the production process where a robotic element would take the subsequent length of steel profile for further forming to requirements. Due to the size, it was designed in a modular format for ease of transport and site installation.




- Rugged and durable

- Easy to install

- Minimal maintenance

- Multiple chain options provide flexibility in environments and applications

- Move heavy goods

- Operate in hot temperatures

- Convey products in either continuous or indexing modes

- Variable speed capability




The customer now has an elegant, yet rugged, mechanical handling conveyor system that fits within an existing system. It delivers varying lengths of steel profiles both accurately and as required to the next stage of the system.


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