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ASTAR Software

Exotec considers the expert ASTAR software as the conductor of the Skypod order-picking system. It has been designed to prepare orders as quickly as possible. The system works to ensure that priority orders are retrieved first, synchronising with each robot effectively, to ensure the optimal level of performance. The ASTAR software manages the task planning, as well as tracking and recording the bin positions and Skypod robots in real time.

ASTAR Software

The ASTAR software offers reliable and speedy webservice. It uses the most advanced levels of technology, in order to ensure high-level performance. This WCS (Warehouse Control System) is also easily collaborative. 


The ASTAR software ensures smooth integration of the Exotec systems, with your other warehouse automation. This software will coincide with your WMS (Warehouse Management System), without hindering current productivity levels.

Each of the Skypod robots work as part of a team, however they are not dependent upon one-another, which means a high-level of availability. 


The ASTAR software also comes with access to an effective supervision centre, which can be monitored remotely in real time. ASTAR enables for proactive and immediate response to deal with any system anomalies or Skypod robot faults.

Integrate with current WMS
Supervisions centre readily available
Reliable and speedy webservice
Easily manageable software
Prioritises tasks by urgency

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