What are the Benefits of Autonomous Robots?

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An autonomous robot can make decisions by itself, without explicit human interaction. In other words, AMR (or Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots), can be what they are more commonly referred to as.  In warehousing and supply chain environments, installing AMR solutions is the latest trend. As a result, the demand for these solutions has risen and continues to rise following these trends. This rise is due to the many benefits that your workplace will obtain following installation.

Some examples of AMR

Autonomous robots are beneficial to a number of industries. Their high levels of adaptability to different situations and environments enables them to be flexible and widely used. Industries that heavily use AMR include:

Logistics Industry – whilst the capabilities of AMR’s continue to advance with the rest of technology, the logistics industry is when autonomous robots are most widely used. AMR’s have the ability to transport items or materials of varying sizes and weights around the workplace. For humans, transporting items is physically taxing, yet tedious. Thus, using AMR’s enables your human workforce to concentrate on more important and complex tasks.

E-Commerce – this includes moving carts, mobile manipulation and more. Whether it’s order fulfilment, returns handling, inventory management or sortation, AMR’s remain adaptable to each e-commerce situations.

Warehousing – warehouses and distribution centres are a massive part of the modern business world, especially for digital businesses. AMR can improve productivity of your workplace in a variety of ways, but mainly to take the heavy lifting away from your human workforce.

Installing autonomous robots with LAC Conveyors & Automation

At LAC Conveyors & Automation, we boast knowledge, experience, and expertise of all thing’s robotics. We recognise AMR or autonomous robots as a key solution for the present and the future of the logistics arena. We work closely with Prime Robotics and Omron, who specialise in AMR solutions. In conclusion, we utilize all of this to create the the highest quality logistics solutions, whether we are installing AMR, Skypod Shuttle Systems, or parcel handling solutions.

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What are the benefits of autonomous robots?

  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce error, re-work, and risk rates.
  • Improve safety for employees in high-risk work environments.
  • Performing lower value and repetitive tasks.

Controlling autonomous robots

Autonomous robots use a variety of different methods to sense their surroundings. For example, they use; laser scanners, microphones, cameras, radars and other image recognition software, the level of technology used is dependent on the complexity of the autonomous robot. The main reason for installing AMR is due to the lack of human involvement needed. AMR’s high level of automation allows your workforce to concentrate on more complex tasks, once programmed correctly.

More about AMR solutions at LAC Conveyors & Automation

To find out more about autonomous robots, see our AMR page for more details. If you want to keep up to date with the latest activity from LAC, follow us on LinkedIn. Finally, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team to discuss AMR, or another of our solutions.

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