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What are the Benefits of Autonomous Robots?

What are the Benefits of Autonomous Robots? An autonomous robot can make decisions by itself, without explicit human interaction. In other words, AMR (or Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots), can be what they are more commonly referred to as.  In warehousing and supply chain environments, installing AMR solutions is the latest trend. As a result, the demand […]
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How robots change the world and the history behind them

In this post, we’re going to be looking at what robots are, the history of robots and where they came from, how robots change the world, do an analysis on industrial robots, and finally how businesses can use industrial robots today. What is a robot? The English Oxford Dictionary defines a robot as “A machine […]
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Robotic Applications In The Automotive Industry

Industrial robots have been used in car factories around the world for decades, but those in use today are more advanced than ever with the robotic applications for the automotive industry increasing. It is estimated that in the UK alone the annual turnover of the automotive industry is over £50 billion, and in 2018 the […]
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