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With many years in the conveyor and automation industry, L.A.C. understand that any downtime of a line owing to an equipment failure can be a major problem to our customers. All of our equipment is designed to minimise the risk of any failures. However, in the real world we understand that from time to time there will be breakdowns.

Should this occur our customers can rest assured that we will do everything possible to get them up and running in the minimum amount of time possible.

Service & Spares

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Preventative maintenance

Ideally a system would run faultlessly throughout its lifetime. To maximise the likelihood of this we offer a comprehensive range of preventative maintenance contracts.

Following the installation of a system we will carry out a full audit of the process line and suggest a tailored service package to suit the process line.

Our skilled team of service engineers will visit site carry out preventative maintenance programs to maximise the performance of the line, improve equipment performance and spot any potential future mechanical and electrical issues.


Should something unexpected happen then we will endeavour to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Many of our control systems are remotely accessible and we would hopefully be able to rectify many electrical control issues without site attendance.

If a service engineer is required on site we will endeavour to get an engineer from one of our service centres to you as quickly as possible.

We have a dedicated spares and service hotline which is staffed 24 Hours a day which means that help will be available immediately to help determine and rectify the problem.

Spare parts

All mechanical equipment will require consumable parts to be replaced now and again. After the installation of our equipment the customer will be sent a full list of recommended spare parts so that they are available on site as and when components ware or fail. Should our clients not have secure maintenance departments we have a service available to store critical spare components on our site.

Many of the sub-assemblies / drives / bearings and belts we use are common to many of our systems and so we carry a stock of spares on our premises. This allows us to deliver direct to our customers and get them up and running as quickly as possible.

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