Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

LAC Conveyors provide a range of modern space-saving spiral conveyor systems designed with your specification in mind. A reliable concept to vertical conveying, the use of spiral conveyors provide a wide range of benefits for your factory setting.

Our spiral conveyor expertise stems from our extensive experience in both spiral conveyor installation and design. The methods we fulfil are tried and tested to ensure our clients save on both time and cost.

Saving Space With Spiral Conveyors

Due to the nature and construction methods of spiral conveyors, this piece of equipment naturally saves on space and have a smaller footprint than conventional conveyor belts. The smooth vertical transferring of products can function both up and down the conveyor, enabling a whole new dimension for production flow.

The matter of saving space is a large factor behind successful businesses, especially for factories. Spiral conveyor systems are dedicated to elevating and creating new avenues for products, enabling new entry and exit patterns in a vertical fashion.

Through the purposefully space saving design of our spiral conveyors, the benefits of having a smaller footprint will become beneficially apparent both instantly and for future growth. Utilising spiral conveyors will gain you access to ongoing functionality, whilst managing space for future endeavours, such as more employees, more machinery etc.

Spiral Conveyors For An Innovative Production Line

Through the use of our state of the art control systems, using our spiral conveyors gives you and your manufacturing process a much needed advancement in a number of ways. Using these modern control systems gives the user the freedom to speed up and slow down the transferring and manufacturing process.

This can be highly useful for potential mishaps or delays that occur in other sectors of manufacturing, buying valuable minutes without the need to reset, turn off equipment or halt production in any way.

Maintaining Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors make use of stainless steel belts by relying on a patented operating system that engages the belt edge directly with the drum to generate zero slip and significantly reduce belt tension. No drum-belt edge friction means reduced tension and simple, reliable performance.

Maintenance and cleaning expenses for spiral conveyors are significantly decreased and production time maximised. They can also improve product orientation and maximise load-carrying capacity on any given conveyor and have the further advantage of simplifying Spiral operating controls.

Innovative Technology for Spiral Conveyors
Our customers benefit from our proven technologies and extensive ever evolving product portfolio, enhanced using our innovative software solutions, ensures we deliver a robust, future-proof spiral conveyor system.
Spiral Conveyors Tailored Solutions
Our solutions are tailored to your business’s specific needs. Utilising our long-standing wealth of knowledge and market intelligence ensures the final solution works in sync with your production requirements.
Professionally Delivered Spiral Conveyors
Our multi-skilled, professional and experienced engineering team will clearly identify your business requirements, define the right solution for you and deliver an industry leading, high-performing solution.
Service & Aftercare for Spiral Conveyors
You are in safe hands. Our services do not stop following project realisation. We offer various levels of aftercare and maintenance packages to preserve the value of your spiral conveyor.