New FRB Conveyor Designed at LAC

We have successfully developed our nextgeneration conveyor belts for the post and parcel industry. Originally designed as a fast, wide and short gapping unit, our newest FRB conveyor has found application in several projects so far.

The product family utilises fixed position end-rollers, by having the tension adjustment mechanism mounted centrally. As a result, the length of each zone is defined with high precision. Our newest product range also comes with a reduced end-roller diameter (63.5mm).

This means that individual zones can now be brought closer together, minimising gaps, reducing transfer plate sizes and ensuring a very smooth transition of processed goods. Our current line offers lengths ranging from 800 mm to 2000 mm and widths ranging from 800 mm to 1200 mm. It can easily process product weights up to 35kg at speeds reaching all the way up to 160 m/min. 

Products weighing up to 50kg can be processed at lower speeds. The higher speed range is offered by our roller-bed option, whilst our standard low-friction plywood board remains a valid and cost-effective alternative.

Our choice of high grip belt and optimised Gearmotor selection, make this conveyor belt product line ideal for frequent start/stop applications and high acceleration/deceleration requirements.