HSEQ: How to Create A Safer Workplace

woman reaching to pain spot on her back

By Lauren Cassady – Systems Coordinator (HSEQ) at L-A-C.

“The only possible way to completely remove the risk of injury, is to remove the hazard”

Working in the HSEQ department, I am always intrigued to see the technology that our customers utilise, not only increase their capacity and operate more efficiently but to reduce the risk of injuries to their employees and create a safer workplace.

When you look at the statistics for manual handling injuries you’ll soon learn that 1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling and every year 300,000 people in the UK suffer from manual handling related injuries. This includes damage to the back, neck and spine which leads to extreme pain, temporary incapacity, or permanent injury.

If you consider the hierarchy of control, the only possible way to completely remove the risk of injury is to remove the hazard. I’m proud that with our extensive product range and solutions, we are able to completely remove manual handling requirements or reduce the activity considerably. Not only do we remove and reduce risk – we pride ourselves on being able to give our customers efficient systems.

How is L-A-C helping to make workplaces safer?

In a recent case study for international courier Hermes, you’ll see that we enabled our customer to process more than 6 million parcels in just a few months with the conveyor and sortation system’s ability to process upwards of 7,000 parcels per hour, 76,000 parcels a day and over 500,000 parcels a week all whilst significantly lowering the cost per parcel. When it comes to health and safety, this conveyor system automatically sorts parcels and distributes them around large warehouse, therefore reducing the requirement for manual handling parcels and making the workplace safer for their employees.

When it comes to our bespoke systems, we designed a pallet de-stacker for a a global wine producer, complete with infeed conveyors. This system removed the requirement for a forklift driver and forklift, eliminating the requirement to manually handle pallets – all whilst increasing operation speeds!

A new addition to our range, Prime Robotics AMR’s named AutoShelf, have the capability for automatic load/offload when using our conveyor capabilities. In addition to this the AutoShelf has the ability to travel on and off vehicles, making them an ideal solution not only by removing the requirement for human interaction and manual handling but also optimising lead time from order to delivery.

Our priority is to manufacture solutions which solve our customers problems, including increasing capacity and reducing risk at the same time. Our products which help us to achieve this are:

Do you have a manual handling concern?

If manual handling is a concern for you, don’t wait for an accident to happen in your workplace! Contact us here, call us on 0115 975 3300 or email us on sales@lacgroup.co.uk to discuss how we can help to reduce or eliminate risk in your workplace.

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