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Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors

Hygienic Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems

Our range of stainless steel conveyors is used widely throughout all sectors of the food industry, including meat and poultry, salads, ready meals and bakery. We have agreements in place with all major belt supplies and our field sales engineers are experts in specifying the correct belting for the product and throughputs required by your business. 

All conveyors are designed hygienically without open holes and slots, and flat surfaces are kept to a minimum. All our Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belts incorporate tracking guides to reduce the amount of maintenance the conveyor systems require

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Reliable Food Conveyors Requiring Little Maintenance

Owing to the bespoke nature of the food industry, all our stainless conveyors are designed for the application by our team of experienced design engineers, who have all had many years’ experience designing equipment specifically for the food industry.

L.A.C. is known in the marketplace for providing robust and reliable systems that run faultlessly and require minimal maintenance. Our installation team have many years of experience working within food plants, adhering to the stringent regulation that this industry requires.

Steel conveyor options:

  • Bends including tight turning
  • Underslung or end drives
  • Flip up end units
  • Cantilevered supports for belt change
  • IP65 controls
  • Pneumatic belt tracking
  • Luffing and transfer devices
  • Telescopic gates
  • Indexing systems
  • Belt bends

If you’re looking for a heavy duty application, L.A.C also provides belt conveyors for the manufacturing industry.

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