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Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors For The Food Industry

Our range of spiral conveyors is used predominantly within the bakery industry for their efficiency in the cooling or proving of products. Each spiral is custom-designed to meet the size and throughput of the product, ensuring you get the best performance for your production line.

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation are able to utilise modular belts from any of the major suppliers. We have licences to build the patented Intralox D drive spiral, which allows the belt to be positively driven from the inner drum; and also the patented Intralox I drive, which utilises revolutionary technology to enable multiple caterpillar drives to drive the belting.

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Innovative Drive Technology Powers Our Spiral Conveyors

Our spiral conveying systems have been supplied ranging from just 1.5m tall, right up to 10m tall. Our design office tailors each individual spiral to the customer’s exacting requirements, ensuring optimal throughput. The innovative I drive allows a single conveyor to have multiple drives, therefore negating all product transfer points. The advantage of this type of spiral conveyor is that it can weave its way around the factory roof at a high level, thus taking up less floor space than a conventional spiral conveyor system. All spirals are fully built and tested within our facility, which reduces the installation time on site.


Key features of our spiral conveyors

  • Diameters to suit belt width
  • Low tension belt spirals
  • Innovative D Drive
  • Integral belt tension feedback
  • Spiral retrofits
  • In-house installation
  • In-house controls
  • Spiral feed and discharge systems


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