Food & Beverage Conveyors

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation are one of the country’s leading suppliers of food handling conveyors and automation. We have a specialist division within the company that works within this sector with all the designers, sales engineers, fabricators and service engineers only working in this area. Our manufacturing plant is also separate from all the other divisions, to prevent cross-contamination of materials.

All sectors of the food and beverage industry are catered for: from bakery and ready meals to red meat and protein, salad and confectionary. Many miles of PU and modular belt conveyors are produced a year; however, it’s the experience in developing the more specialist equipment such as the transfers, depositors, lifts, pushers, and completely bespoke equipment which will ultimately define the success of a project.

Our in-house controls and software division, along with the ability to install all projects using our own staff, gives us the control to deliver complex food and beverage solutions within very short project timescales.

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Of all the conveyor ranges we manufacture, our range of stainless steel conveyors is probably the most bespoke. The range of products that are handled in this sector are vast, so all of our belt conveyors and modular belt conveyors are designed specifically for the product being conveyed. Belts from all the main suppliers, Habasit, Intralox, Forbo etc can be specified. All our stainless steel conveyors are designed to the highest hygiene standards with absolutely no open holes/slots, and with flat surfaces kept to a minimum. For the beverage industry, our range of slat conveyors and accumulation belt conveyors have proved very popular.

For spiral conveyors within the bakery industry, we have licences from Intralox to manufacture their patented D drive spiral conveyor and i-Drive multiple drive system.

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