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Robotic palletising in warehouse

Top 5 Benefits and Applications of Robotic Palletising Systems in Warehouse Automation

What is Robotic Palletising In the world of warehouse automation, robotic palletising has emerged as a game-changing technology, revolutionising the way products are stacked, sorted, and prepared for shipment. This innovative solution employs robots to automate the process of palletising (the placement of goods on a pallet for transportation), bringing increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity […]
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Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics that Should Be Monitored When Using a Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)

The warehouse is a playground of multiple processes, with varied data, material, human capital, and information flows. Whether it is an e-commerce fulfilment centre, retail distribution centre or a post parcel sortation hub, each has its nature of operations and poses its unique challenges. The operational dynamics across industries vary depending upon the business’s objectives, […]
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History of conveyors - conveyor belts

The History of Conveyors

Most people will guess that the goods we purchase at some point have travelled along a conveyor on their journey to our doorstep, as with most technology like electricity or gas we easily just take it for granted.  Conveyor belts can be seen everywhere now, at checkout aisles, airport security checkpoints and baggage claims, treadmills […]
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Ashley Mickle an LAC Logistics Automation staff after being promoted

Congratulations to Ashley Mickle at LAC

From Apprentice Welder to Mechanical Design Engineer in the space of 6 years. If we spot potential in our staff we do what we can to nurture and develop their hidden or under-used talents. Ashley is proof that hard work, determination, and a supportive company can work wonders. Well done, and may your journey continue! […]
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