hermes conveyor belt

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation were approached by Hermes parcel delivery company to supply a conveying system that could be integrated with an existing system and increase throughput.


Hermes has grown rapidly over recent years and the myHermes brand has increased its operations and reach since its start-up in 2009.

With many years of experience across a broad spectrum of industries, L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation have an enviable reputation for delivering conveying and automation solutions.


Hermes approached L.A.C. to help significantly increase the throughput and secondary sort of parcels in their distribution centres and integrate the solution into existing systems.

A solution was designed that utilised a range of L.A.C.’s standard conveyors but was tailored to Hermes requirements including:


L.A.C. provided a full turnkey solution by exploiting their standard range of conveyors which were modified to fit the customer’s site requirements.

Prior to installation, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) was provided.

The system is controlled by an L.A.C. designed and built control cabinet programmed to meet site requirements.


  • A bespoke configuration of standard conveyors minimising overall costs.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).
  • Safety features designed in to protect operators.
  • Site install of over 60m of the new conveying system within 36 hours minimising disruption to business requirements.
  • Integrating the new conveying system with an existing system.
  • Control panel designed and built for the system.
  • An Initial installation was done on one test site to prove tight turnaround requirement prior to being rolled out over six more depots.


L.A.C. Conveyors and Automation were able to deliver the integrated conveying system across seven sites, six of which were done over consecutive weekends ensuring the minimum amount of impact on Hermes existing work requirements. The system sailed through the peak periods of Black Friday and Christmas including the inevitable returns and easily delivered the 25% increase of throughput required by Hermes.



“All at LAC have done us proud they have worked their socks off to deliver in the timescales requested. Hermes engineering are proud to be working with these guys could not of asked for a better team” – Hermes


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