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L-A-C Logistics Automation becomes an ABB Value Provider

Who are ABB? ABB are a major global technology specialist, striving to transform societies and industries alike for a more productive, dynamic, and sustainable future. With a history stretching back more than 130 years, the ABB have always strived for greatness. Headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland, they specialise in connecting leading software to robotics, therefore […]

Robotic Bale Handling Solution Brings Cost Savings

A new fully automated bale handling solution has been installed to help Ball Beverage Packaging improve its efficiency and save money. The system replaced a near 20-year-old Kawasaki ZD130S robot at the Wakefield plant, bringing greater speed, precision and durability to the customer. When Ball Packaging needed a new, fully automated waste material conveying and […]

Grocery Distributor Increases Case Picking Speed By 300% Through Robotic Automation Solution

Allen Distribution, a third-party logistics company focused on grocery distribution, installed their first robotic warehouse automation solution provided by Prime Robotics. Founded in 1998, Allen Distribution offers warehouse and distribution services including food-grade warehousing, transportation services including asset-based equipment and company drivers. From their eight warehouse locations, the company serves groceries to clients of all […]

Pallet De-Stacker

A global wine producer approached L-A-C to design a solution which would not only increase efficiency, but raise safety standards by eliminating the requirement for manual handling. L-A-C designed and developed an automated pallet de-stacker solution which de-stacks pallets at the rate of 80 pallets per hour but also has the functionality for the settings […]

Robotic Pick and Place Cell for the Fresh Food Industry

L-A-C Logistics Automation have released to market a robotic pick and place packaging cell aimed at the fresh food industry. The cell has the flexibility to handle a complete range of film lidded trays and punnet materials. The latest cell is designed to deliver a packing rate of 120 punnets per minute and is configured […]

Stainless Steel Tote and Crate De-Stacker to Integrate with Conveyor Systems

In response to a growing requirement for stainless steel tote and crate de-stackers within the food industry, warehousing, and distribution sectors, L-A-C Logistics Automation have developed a machine that performs not only to the rapid outputs that modern industries require but also ensures consistent and reliable delivery. Being made of a robust design, this tote […]

50 Million Butter Tubs and Counting with Belt Conveyor System

With extensive experience in the food industry, L-A-C were called upon by a well-known dairy company to supply a new stainless-steel belt conveyor system for an improved butter tub checking line. What did the belt conveyor system need to do? The customer realised that significant financial gains could be made on their existing sample check-weigh […]

L-A-C In Upward Spiral with Spiral Conveyor

L-A-C have teamed up once again with Intralox® to build a 3.5 meter-high Spiral Conveyor system incorporating Intralox’s patented DirectDrive™ System. Expertise Intralox recognises L-A-C’s experience and production capabilities as one of the few UK licensed installers of their patented Direct Drive System (DDS) for spiral conveyor system. Quality, trust, and teamwork ensure that both […]

DirectDrive System: Increases Production Capacity For Baker

DirectDrive technology was the solution to product loss for a baker. A baker wanted to find a solution to the high belt tension, time and product loss, and extensive cleaning cycles on a belt installed only three years prior. The spiral was challenged with the problem of friction between the drum and the belt edges […]

Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors ‘Standardised’

L-A-C has been at the forefront of conveyor design and manufacture for many years. It has a formidable range of heavy duty pallet conveyors which have been developed and refined over a decade, using new technologies and experience gained from the vast range of applications which have been installed. The range of  stainless steel pallet […]

Converger Solution for Ready Meal Salads

L-A-C were given the opportunity to develop and install a converger solution for a major ready meal salad producer in Boston, Lincolnshire. Introduction A major UK salad producer needed a technical solution to help solve a product merging bottleneck with very little space to work with. Having provided many ingenious resolutions over the years L-A-C […]

Cabbages Get Automated in Scotland!

L-A-C were asked to investigate and deliver a solution for conveying cabbages through a grading system that was being done by hand for a customer centred in Scotland. After examining the existing processes and understanding the problems faced by the customer that include a short supply of labour, limited space and increasing costs. L-A-C successfully […]

Robotic Palletising Solution For Well Known Drinks Manufacturer

A prominent drinks manufacturer in Ireland, producing household-name branded products. L-A-C Logistics Automation used their experience and expertise to provide an ideal robotic palletising solution. The Challenge The client approached L-A-C Logistics Automation to develop a solution for detesting stacks of metal drums and placing them 4 at a time on an empty pallet before […]

Innovative Spiral Conveyor Solution for Lantmännen Unibake UK

Innovative thinking, reliability and confidence in our products were the key ingredients that helped L-A-C Logistics Automation be selected for this important project to replace an ageing spiral cooling conveyor. The Client Lantmännen Unibake UK is the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality bakery products to retailers, wholesalers and the foodservice industry. L-A-C Logistics Automation provide […]

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