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With extensive experience in the food industry, L.A.C. Conveyors and Automation were called upon by a well-known dairy company to supply a new stainless-steel belt conveyor system for an improved butter tub checking line.


The customer realised that significant financial gains could be made on their existing sample check-weigh system by implementing a new conveyor line that would check-weigh every tub as well as utilising a vision inspection system.


L.A.C. designed, manufactured and installed the new conveyor system from the butter depositor right up to an existing case packer.

  • Stainless steel modular belt conveyors
  • Reject roller conveyor
  • Stainless steel frame unit
  • Vision system camera housing unit
  • All controls
  • Factory acceptance testing


To accommodate the new constant check-weigh system, the butter tubs had to be reduced from a six lane modular belt conveyor system down to a twin lane modular belt conveyor system in order for an ink coding station, vision inspection system, reject station, constant check-weigher, and a final reject station to be fitted in prior to the tubs being split again out to a four lane modular belt conveyor for final delivery to an existing case packing station. The reject stations incorporate an automatic pusher that send the rejected butter tubs down a gravity roller conveyor and into a waste tub.


  • Increased throughput to 300 tubs per minute
  • New constant check-weigh system means less overfill required at deposit stage
  • Guaranteed minimum tub weights are achieved
  • Increased life cycle of capital equipment


The modular belt conveyor system has delivered an increased throughput of tubs with a guaranteed minimum weight of butter per tub providing cost savings on the amount of butter being deposited as the overfill requirement has been reduced and an incredible capital longevity with over 50 million tubs having been processed before there was a requirement for a spares order.

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