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Posative Drive Swan Neck Conveyors

May 27

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 10:07 AM  RssIcon

L.A.C. conveyors are currently looking at supplying a number of swan neck belt conveyors for handling loose materials into cardboard boxes. It is important when designing swan neck belt conveyors to ensure that the conveyor is designed to run with very little belt tension. Increasing the belt tension to get the required amount of drive means that the belt wants to pull ' across corners', this results in increased belt wear and poor tracking. The answer is to always utilize a lagged large diameter conveyor drive drum. This will allow a large belt pull to be transmitted with out excessive belt conveyor tension.

An alternative is to use a special type of conveyor belt, with  a toothed back. this again allows large amounts of drive to be transmitted to the conveyor belt without adding excessive tension.

The third option, product allowing is to attempt to utilize a plastic modular belt conveyor. These have great lateral stiffness and as they are driven via sprockets they have huge amounts of conveyor drive.