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Pallet Conveyor suitable for 6 axis robot interface.

May 18

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Monday, May 18, 2009 2:12 PM  RssIcon

 Good afternoon to all you conveyor anoraks. I would suggest you find something a little more exciting to do rather than read the following, however if you are sad and have no friends, read on.  Many of the pallet conveyors we supply are use in palletising systems and are loaded via six axis robot or cartesian robots. An important factor when specifying a conveyor for this type of application is to ensure the conveyor is achieving the positional accuracy for pallet location required by the robot.

In most instances if the conveyor is simply stacking boxes then an accuracy of approx 5mm is probably sufficient. However we are currently working on a system where the robot is loading steel , nestable jigs onto the conveyor. This requires an accuracy of approx 1mm.

To achieve this we have run a 100mm x 50mm rolled steel channel below the conveyors side frames to ensure there is no  'sag'  between the supports. Aluminium and Delrin side guides ensure lateral positioning and a special pneumatic buffer ensures the jig is positioned in the correct place on the pallet conveyor.

The whole conveyor is assembled for test prior to delivery to ensure accuracies prior to arrival on site.