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Introduction of a range of accessories for pallet conveyors

May 15

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Friday, May 15, 2009 2:07 PM  RssIcon

LAC Conveyors announces the introduction of a full range of pallet conveyor accessories to complement the existing range.

Turntables, transfers (single and double width) and pallet truck zones can be added to any of our pallet conveyor systems.  Pallet magazines for dispensing pallets at the start of a system or for re-stacking empty pallets at the end of the system are also available.

Special build lifts are also available for situations where standard equipment is unsuitable.

In addition to the above devices for handling full load items, we also offer alternative solutions for occasions where empty pallets need to be moved from one line to another.  In these circumstances, standard pallet conveyor accessories are often over-specified and therefore not cost effective.

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