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New Range of Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyors

Nov 17

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 2:35 PM  RssIcon

L.A.C. Conveyor systems on of the UK's leading suppliers of all types of belt and roller conveyors, have launched a new standard range of Pallet Handling Conveyors. Aimed at all areas of pallet handling and storage, the new range offers an extremely durable solution to this demanding sector, whilst improving on industry standards for performance and reliability.

The Pallet Roller Conveyors feature a heavy duty, powder coated mild steel framework that gives the structure great strength, whilst at the same time allows for easy maintenance as and when required.  Removable covers keep the heavy duty loop chain drive free from contamination, at the same time keeping the system safe.

Two standard roller pitches are available, 182mm and 103mm which, combined with the 80mm diameter rollers, provide more than adequate support for loads of up to 2,500 kgs per pallet.

For situations where longer distances are involved, LAC Conveyors Pallet Roller Systems can transport a single pallet up to 12 meters on a single drive.  This keeps the control costs for any system to a minimum.

Drive motors can be shaft mounted or under-slung, depending on the requirements of the system.

LAC Conveyors can also provide a full range of pallet handling accessories to compliment the range of conveyors.  Turntables, chain transfers, pallet dispensers, pallet stackers, blade stops, centralising units and walk-through plates can all be integrated into any system to meet the requirements of any project.

For extreme environments, special finishes such as galvanised or stainless steel can also be be accommodated and even explosive atmospheres can be catered for.

Managing Director Chris Unwin belives that this conveyors sets a standard for pallet handling systems.  Cost effective and durable, these conveyors offer the customer the perfect solution to their pallet handling requirments.