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Pallet Handling Heavy Duty Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors

Jun 5

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Friday, June 05, 2009 2:08 PM  RssIcon

LAC have just won an order to supply a heavy duty plastic modular belt conveyor for handling various size pallets.

The application required a conveyor to handle pallets that varied in size from 300 square up to 1200mm square and weighing in excess of 1000kg.  The conveyor needed to handle pallets being loaded via both fork truck and pallet truck and so meant a very special and extremely robust construction type to handle the extreme loads exerted by the pallet truck wheels.  The conveyor system also needed to transfer the pallets through 90 degrees at the end of the travel while maintaining their orientation.

Because of the variety of size and configuration of the pallets being handled this application was not possible using conventional roller conveyor, the pallets getting caught in the gaps.  The advantage modular belt gave was the robust construction together with the ease of handling the smallest to the largest loads with equal ease.

The 90 degree turn was completed using a 1500mm square conveyor rotated round one of the corners.  This had the advantage of reducing the number of conveyors required and also keeping the orientation the same through the bend.

For more information with regards to this application please call us on our office number.