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LAC Conveyors supplies conveyor system for major UK high street retailer

Jun 2

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 4:32 PM  RssIcon

LAC Conveyors has recently won the order to supply a multi level incline conveyor system for a large UK high street retailer.

The system, largely based on LAC’s successful range of Tracker Conveyors, was designed to be implemented within a new retail outlet. The new conveyor system, which has now been installed, already proves to be more cost-effective than the original method whilst increasing productivity and allowing for greater flexibility within the workforce.

The control system required was a simple variable speed unit wired to photo electric sensors at each end of the conveyor system to control product flow.

LAC Conveyors continues to manufacture all conveyors to the highest possible standards providing affordable solutions to simple and complex transfer needs.