Conveyor Manufacturers

As well-established conveyor manufacturers, we supply a choice of conveyor systems to suit a broad range of industry uses throughout the UK.  Everything is designed and manufactured in our Nottingham facilities by experienced engineers.  As well as standard A-to-B conveyors, we also design complex bespoke systems, tailored to your specific requirements by working closely with your own Process Engineers.

Most of our conveyor systems can be manufactured using stainless steel, mild steel, or plastic; so whether you’re looking for flat belt, lineshaft, gravity roller, elevator or another type of conveyor system we have the experience and facilities to design, build and install cost-effective handling solutions for you.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Conveyor Manufacturers

We have a long history of supplying stainless steel conveyors to industries that require high hygiene standards. We can design numerous kinds of stainless steel conveyors for you, including flat belt and elevator. They are manufactured in our separate food industry facility, which prevents cross-contamination with mild steel products.

To maintain impeccable hygiene, our stainless steel conveyors withstand high pressure cleaning, and include polished welds, with no crevices for bacteria to breed in. To suit your available space and intended use, our engineers will work closely with you to give you the exact features and dimensions you require.

We have valuable experience in many diverse food environments: bakery - including bread and delicate patisserie, poultry, meat processing, fruit and vegetable processing.

Mild Steel Conveyor Manufacturers

Mild steel is the standard choice for our most robust systems, and is popular for use in industries that work with heavy objects. For example, our roller pallet conveyors are made using powder coated mild steel.

We will manufacture your mild steel conveyor to suit your needs, using modules that suit the width, length and design you specify. Your mild steel conveyor can be as wide as 3m, and take loads of up to 1000kg per metre. You can choose from a wide range of belt options, such as rubber, PVC, steel plate and anti-marking, and we will combine modules including horizontal, inclined, curved, and swan neck to build the exact conveyor system you require.

Plastic Conveyor Manufacturers

Plastic conveyors allow the ultimate versatility, strength and cost effectiveness. Manufactured from thick, food grade Polyethylene, Polypropylene, or Polyacetal, they are extremely hygienic, and resistant to corrosion.

Our plastic conveyor systems are modular, meaning that they are extremely flexible in terms of potential uses. Modules can include bends, inclines, swan necks, and rollers.

As with our other materials, plastic conveyor systems can be manufactured to meet your requirements, with a choice of control options, belt types, accessories, transfer systems, drive configurations, and built to the dimensions you specify.