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Unpackaged Grocery Shopping

Jun 17

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Friday, June 17, 2016 11:38 AM  RssIcon

I'm not the greenest person in the world, but I do like the idea of buying the amount of a product that I actually need.

Bulk buying always seems so wasteful! It is possible though to buy loose products, more so in local shops rather than supermarkets and the range and availability is getting bigger.

Pacepacker Services are one of those unsung companies that are developing hardware to help ensure that the loose product remains where it should be.  Their latest bit of kit is called Total Bag Control (TBC) and some more information about it is in the June '16 edition of Solids & Bulk Handling magazine detailing what they do. Click on S&BH to read more.

I for one am looking forward to a greater variety of self select goods and their availability.