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Pallet conveyor open day proves big success

May 26

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:53 PM  RssIcon

UK based pallet conveyor manufacturer, LAC Conveyors, opened it's doors last week to a number of specially selected customers.
On display was a sizeable pallet conveyor system built to exacting specifications for handling a steel frame pallet base which is to be stacked by a 6 axis robot.

This system not only has to position the pallet base to within 1mm tolerance, it also has to cope with a product stack that overhangs the edges of the conveyor by approximately 250 mm each side.

Specially designed side guides ensure that the pallet base remains positioned within the tolerances, even when being lifted and transferred on the 90 degree chain transfers.  The transfers are able to move the pallet to other conveyor lanes, even transferring the pallet across the drive side of the system, without any tipping or rocking thanks to the unique additional supports provided within the system.

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