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L.A.C. Conveyors (Food Industry) - New Range of High Care Modular Conveyors

Sep 23

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 10:06 AM  RssIcon

L.A.C. Conveyor systems, on of the UK's leading suppliers of conveyors to the Food Processing Industry, have launched a new standard range of Hygienic modular Belt Elevators.  Aimed specifically at the food processing industry, the new range meets the high care requirements of this demanding sector, whilst standardisation of the units has lead to cost savings without impacting on performance or reliability.

The High care conveyors feature an open skeletal structure to allow for cleaning.  All welds are fully polished to prevent possible bacterial harbors.  A variety of belts with differing pitches of flight, to suit the product to be conveyed, can be incorporated, however all belts are easy clean with open hinge design.

Motors and bearings are shielded to prevent ingress of liquids whilst being high pressure hose cleaned.  Clean in place systems can incorporate into the body of the conveyor to continually clean the belt whilst in operation, drip trays and reservoirs prevent product from escaping the conveyor envelope.

Managing Director of LAC Food Industry Mr Roger Mackness believes standardising this range of conveyors has lead to substantial unit cost saving and improved deliveries, thus allowing chief engineers to procure this very high specification of conveyor and not compromise in these tough economic times.

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