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Silicon Belt data

Jul 27

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Monday, July 27, 2009 5:00 PM  RssIcon

Product Group:                     Silicone coated conveyor and processing belts

Main Industry Segments:   Bakery (biscuit/cookie); Chocolate/confectionery; Sweets/snacks/candies/bars/chewing gum

Belt Applications:                 Acceleration belt; Decline belt; Incline belt

Special Features:                Adhesive/easy-release; Anti-sticking; Super adhesive surface

Mode of Use:                        Acceleration; Declined; Horizontal; Inclined


Conveying Side (Material):                Silicone (SI)

Conveying Side (Surface):                Glossy

Conveying Side (Property):               Super-adhesive

Conveying Side (Color):                    White

Traction Layer (Material):                   Polyester (PET) fabric

Number of Fabrics:                             2

Running Side (Material):                    Polyester (PET) fabric

Running Side (Surface):                    Impregnated fabric

Running Side (Color):                         White


Slider bed suitable:                             Yes

Carrying rollers suitable:                    Yes

Power turns, curved installations:    No

Nosebar suitable:                                No

Permanently antistatic:                       No

Metal detector suitable:                      Yes

Flammability:                                       No specific flammability prevention property

Food suitability, FDA conformance:                Yes

Food suitability, USDA recommendations: Conformable

Food suitability, EU conformance:               Yes


Thickness:                             1.5 mm

Mass of belt (belt weight): 1.6 kg/m²

Nosebar Radius (minimum): 0 mm

Pulley diameter (minimum): 25 mm

Pulley diameter minimum with counter flection: 30 mm

Admissible tensile force per unit of width: 12 N/mm

Operating temperature admissible (continuous): Min -30°C Max 100°C